The Clan Keith

The Clan Keith are the descendants of one of Scotland's oldest and most illustrious clans.

Chief of the Name and Arms of Keith is James William Falconer Keith, 14th Earl of Kintore.
The Keith motto is “Veritas Vincit” which means “Truth prevails”.
Gaelic name: Ceiteach.
Chef’s crest: The Keith crest is a roebuck's head with golden antlers emerging from an earl’s coronet.

Clan Keith Badge

Clansman’s crest badge: The clansman's crest badge may be worn and displayed by all those who profess allegiance and wish to demonstrate their association with the Clan Keith. It is correct to wear the Chief's Crest encircled with a strap and buckle bearing the Motto. The strap and buckle is the sign of the clansman, and he demonstrates his membership of his Chief's Clan by wearing his Chief's Crest within it.

WARNING: The badge manufactured by Art Pewter, Model: CB037 is NOT a correct representation of the Keith clansman's badge.

Plant badge: White Rose (the White Rose Cockade).

Clan Keith Tartan

The Clan tartan is "Keith and Austin". There are both Ancient and Modern versions. Clan Keith members wear the Ancient, in part because the darker modern tartan is difficult to distinguish from the Black Watch tartan. Some Clan members prefer the darker Modern for formal evening wear.

Oath: “I owe my allegiance to the land of my birth, but I am first, last, and always a proud Ceiteach”.