The Clan Keith in New Zealand

Clan Keith CrestThe Clan Keith in New Zealand Inc is part of a worldwide family with a common link to the ancient Keith-Marischal family, the Clan, its principal names Austin, Cate(s), Dick, Dickson, Dixon, Falconer, Harvey, Keith, Kite, Marshall and Urie, and the Earldom of Kintore.

The Clan in New Zealand is governed by a High Commissioner for Australia & New Zealand (currently vacant). New Zealand has its own independent Clan society which regulates the Clan’s affairs and is responsible for matters within its own geography including fundraising and communications.

Clan Keith in New Zealand Inc

The Clan Keith in New Zealand Inc is incorporated under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908.


High Commissioner for Australia & New Zealand: Vacant

Elected Council Members

President (& Games Convener): Ian Dickson (Karori, Wellington)
Vice President: David Harvey (Otahuhu, Auckland)
Secretary: Mrs Julie Dickson (Karori, Wellington)
Treasurer: Michael Dickson (Kelburn, Wellington)
Council Member: Maureen Clearwater (Putaruru)
Council Member: Mark Harvey (Titirangi, Auckland)
Council Member: Tina Forster (Canterbury)

Elected Council Members

Genealogist: appointment pending
Quartermaster: appointment pending
Chaplain: appointment pending
Games Convener North: appointment pending
Games Convener East & West: appointment pending
Games Convener South Island: appointment pending

Individuals with a third degree or less relationship to a person with one of surnames recognised by the clan is eligible to join the society.

The society encourages family membership by giving a substantial discount on annual fees to families.